80e Conversion Harness

This conversion harness kit allows you to convert the 4l60e transmission to a 4l80e transmission. This harness is compatible with all GM trucks and SUV’s from 1996 to 2009.
Cost $89 plus shipping

There are two separate components of the conversion harness. The first is the adapter harness that converts your current transmission plug and wires to the new 4L80e configuration. This saves you the trouble of repining any connectors. The second component is the input speed sensor harness. This part of the conversion harness runs from the ISS sensor on the transmission to the PCM.   In order for the conversion to function correctly the PCM will need to be flashed with the 4L80e segment.

There are two types of 4L80e conversion harnesses.

1996-2006 vehicles with a single PCM will use our classic style 4L80e conversion harness.

2007-09 vehicles with a dedicated TCM and external mode switch on the side of the transmission will use the later style 4L80e conversion harness.

** These harnesses will not function on a Trailblazer SS.
** Any order placed after 12pm will ship the next day.