Mail Order/Live Re-tuning

You will receive 3 retunes per year free of charge for as long as you own the vehicle excluding speed density tuning as long as you remain in the original tune category listed above. A retune consists of the technician modifying your calibration file and simply updating the control module. The technician is not required to drive the vehicle when performing a retune update.

     $100.00 80E Transmission Conversion Retune
     $100.00 Upgrade to MODIFIED from STOCK/BOLT ONS
     $100.00 Upgrade to HEAVILY MOD from MODIFIED
     $200.00 Upgrade to HEAVILY MOD from STOCK/BOLT ONS

Live Fine Tuning

Fine tuning consists of the technician driving the vehicle, wideband sensor monitoring, computer scanning and fine tuning changes based on feedback from the computer scanning session. Modified and Heavily Modified vehicles usually fall into this category when making major changes as well as vehicles that need computer scanning to diagnose DTC’s. Fine tuning sessions are charged at rates listed below.

     $75.00 Wideband monitoring, tech drive, computer scanning/fine tune
     $45.00 Tech drive, computer scanning/fine tune *no wideband hook up
     $75.00 O2 Bung Installation includes bung and plug
     $75.00 Speed Density tune per hour for Modified & Heavily Modified Vehicles