Security Relearn

ATTENTION: Your vehicle may not start unless this procedure is performed. If your vehicle’s battery is low, it is recommended a battery charger be hooked up at this time. You may want to be outside your vehicle so shut the door, roll down the window. As it will take 40+ minutes to go through the cycle.

Attempt to start the vehicle.

The engine will turn over, possibly start and die, LEAVE KEY IN THE ON POSITION for at least 10 mins or until the Security Light turns off.  The security light may blink a few times, then hold steady.
– some vehicles may not display a security light, be sure to keep the key in the ON position for at least 10 mins after each start attempt.
When the Security Light turns OFF, turn the key to the OFF position for at least 20 secs.
Repeat the previous step 2 more times, for a total of 3 start attempts and 3 key off steps.
On the fourth start attempt, the engine should start.

If any step is done incorrectly, you must start over.