Engine Harness

We offer an LSX, non-emissions, show quality engine harness that is custom designed to your exact needs. All our engine harness wiring is automotive grade  TXL wire heat rated to 250°F. The harness is covered with a black nylon heat protective mesh to protect the wires from abrasion. It also gives the harness a clean, simple look. All harnesses are built with new, OEM connectors, terminals and seals. Terminals are crimped with approved tooling specified by the manufacturer, ensuring 100% continuity throughout the engine harness. Before the engine harness is shipped to the customer, it is thoroughly tested by verifying each pin and terminal pin out is correct. The harness is installed on our engine harness diagnostic stand to verify functionality and operation, guaranteeing our customers are never faced with any harness issues. A  check list is sent to each customer with their harness providing the customer with piece of mind that each harness has been verified.

When the customer receives the harness and installs it, they can rest assure that their conversion will start up the first time!

The harness includes:
■ Fuse box
■ OBDII diagnostic port with SES light
■ GM fuel pump relay
■ Easy 3-wire hook up
• Ground
• Power
• Ignition

$500.00 1999-2002 DBC harness (uncovered, no o2 sensors, no maf unfinished)
$650.00 1999-2002 DBC harness 
$850.00 2003-2006 DBW harness 
$850.00 2007-2010 DBW harness

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