Insight Pro

Nelson Performance offers high quality tunes for all late model GM vehicles. The new Insight Pro by Edge Products now allows us to offer the high quality tunes you’ve come to expect from NP to more customers without needing to send in your ECU or bring your vehicle in to us. You can order an Insight Pro and read your vehicle’s stock file at home and then send it to us through Edge’s cloud-based platform. Once we receive your information, we can build your tunes designed for your applications while you are still using your vehicle. Once finished we will load your tuned files back up to the cloud where you can download them to your device and apply our tunes to your
vehicle using the Insight Pro. The Insight Pro not only works as a delivery tool for our tunes, but can stay mounted in your vehicle to monitor vital vehicle parameters, data log parameters, run performance test, read and clear trouble codes, and much more. To find out more about the Insight Pro and what NP can offer for your vehicle give
us a call!
Insight Pro cs2
Insight_CS2_5 Insight_CS2_4 Insight_CS2_3 Insight_CS2_2 Insight_CS2_1
We are also offering the Insight CTS2, the touchscreen version.
Insight_CTS2_5 Insight_CTS2_4 Insight_CTS2_3 Insight_CTS2_2 Insight_CTS2_1